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Equipment improvement


Transforming your Zhongbang machine can increase productivity, which is a highly cost-effective and sustainable method. By automating key processes, production performance can be improved, safety can be improved, and operators can have a better user experience.

Zhongbang provides machine renovation services through CM Service, a global supplier of flexible packaging and folding color boxes for mechanical renovation.

During machine renovation, mechanical and electrical updates will be made to your machine, and performance testing will be conducted. We will carry out a series of modifications and inspections on your machine to ensure that it returns to its original factory performance standards.


-Using proven and Zhongbang quality technology throughout the entire renovation process

-Can increase production by up to 15% and reduce failure rates

-New automation performance improves operator safety

-Large full-color human-computer interaction interface makes operation more convenient and intuitive

-Machine renovation can not only double the lifespan of the machine, but also reduce carbon emissions


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