Packaging is extremely important for food protection, transportation, preservation, and labeling. Food packaging accounts for 28.6% of the packaging market, ranking second. It is expected to have an annual growth rate of 2.7% by 2022, reaching 278.2 billion yuan. Asia is the world's largest food packaging market, followed by North America and Western Europe.

The role of food packaging is accelerating change, and the way brands design, package, and deliver products is changing. In order to meet the growing demand of urban population, packaging plays an effective role in the food supply chain. Food packaging ensures transportation safety and extends the shelf life of most foods. In addition to providing primary use, food packaging must also be recyclable to meet the challenges of sustainable development.

From sustainability to ease of use, consumers and brands are increasingly demanding packaging. The packaging must exactly meet its purpose - neither too much nor too much. This is the packaging optimization design we discussed - it will not cause Food loss and waste due to insufficient packaging, nor unnecessary waste due to excessive packaging.

Online food shopping and delivery services bring new challenges to packaging and required transportation. The transportation convenience of meal delivery boxes is improving. Generally speaking, food market refers to dairy products, fresh food, dry goods and snacks, frozen food and Pet food.

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