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Equipment monitoring


Connect Portal AND Mobile Portal

The 'Connect Portal' allows you to track your main performance indicators (such as OEE) and provide actionable recommendations based on data directly obtained from the machine core, gain control and drive improvement. It also displays historical data and can generate reports for analysis. Through the 'Mobile Portal', you can access all of its content from your smartphone.

Remote Monitoring

“Remote Monitoring”Remote monitoring is a comprehensive production reporting tool designed to quickly access detailed machine production, process, and technical data. It is specially designed for decision-makers, Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma practitioners. It provides near real-time data and historical data, which can be analyzed by shift, day, machine equipment and enterprise. In order to enhance problem-solving capabilities, 'Remote Monitoring' also includes features such as self managing alerts, customizable dashboards, and displays.


-No matter where you are, our network program can monitor your products through devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc

-Regardless of the device type or brand, applications can be enabled throughout the entire workshop, turning the factory into an intelligent factory.


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