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Professional team services


Printing and Processing Division

We will introduce the concept of "internal entrepreneurship" into our product line by the Printing and Postprocessing Business Unit, cultivate a sense of responsibility, promote faster innovation, improve quality, and ultimately achieve an increase in customer satisfaction.

Service and Performance Efficiency Division

The Service and Performance Efficiency Business Unit will provide parts and services to maximize production time and improve the overall performance of the processing site. Zhongbang provides high-quality customer service to the packaging industry through its global network of service centers, ensuring that machines and solutions continue to perform better after purchase.

Both business units will rely on a completely consistent sales organization. This organization is based in eight regions and was established to provide services to customers in each of our industries (labeling, flexible packaging, folding paper boxes, and corrugated cardboard boxes).


-The service scope ranges from expert consultation to providing core services

-Maintenance solutions, mechanical improvements, professional knowledge, and performance solutions.


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