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Process optimization


Optimize production workshop processes

Meeting challenges in a rapidly changing environment is not easy. Brand owners need to deliver products faster, while also improving quality and maintaining consistent quality. The number of orders per batch is also decreasing, which leads to increasing production pressure. Machines are becoming increasingly complex, and operators need to receive training to operate equipment.

The process optimization plan of Zhongbang aims to provide you with a partnership that allows you to fully tap into the potential of Zhongbang's equipment, thereby ensuring that your investment is more valuable. You can obtain their experience and professional knowledge from our senior process experts to help you achieve higher productivity goals.


-Reduce operational costs

-Improving departmental efficiency

-Increase production to meet KPIs

-Operate at the industry's high-speed OEE level

-Reduce preparation/setup time

-Minimize waste to a greater extent and achieve higher quality.

Help you make a profit

-Our suggestions and practices based on years of experience

-Generate reports and set goals based on your goals, budget, and timeline

-Ability to make decisions based on clear and detailed information

-No downtime - the machine requires continuous operation and production


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