It is estimated that 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online in 2017. In 2017, global electronic retail sales reached $2.3 trillion and are expected to grow by a very high $4.48 trillion in 2021. The percentage of e-commerce market share in all retail sales in 2018 is expected to increase from 3.5% a decade ago to very 11.9%.

The development of e-commerce is a more significant change in the retail industry and is still in its developmental stage. All types of retail activities are directly influenced by e-commerce. A year ago, advanced business leaders were still struggling to adapt to an unimaginable world.

E-commerce includes a rapidly growing segment of mobile shopping market. In 2018, Desktop computer still accounted for the vast majority of global e-retail orders, but smart phones have become the top devices in terms of retail website visits. 11% of online shoppers say they shop online through their smartphones every week. In 2017, black Friday and online Monday accounted for 64% of mobile shopping volume.

E-commerce is still an opportunity to be developed, and new customers see it as the default shopping method. According to McKinsey's data, 1.4 billion people will join the global middle class by 2020, of which 85% will come from the Asia Pacific region.

The e-commerce packaging and corrugated cardboard industries are witnessing these developments, and the compound annual growth rate of e-commerce packaging is expected to reach 5% by 2020.

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