In 2017, the consumption of health care, pharmacy, cosmetics and perfume packaging is expected to be US $54.81 billion, and it is expected to grow by an annual growth rate of 4.55% to US $71.48 billion in 2017-2022. Asia is the world's largest personal care market, followed by North America and Western Europe. Asia and Eastern Europe are expected to increase consumption of health product packaging at a faster pace, second only to Africa and the Middle East.

Especially in emerging and developing countries, the emergence of population aging and the increase in disposable income have driven the growth of personal care demand. With the enhancement of health awareness, the demand for health products is also increasing.

Due to the significant growth of the affluent population, the demand for cosmetics has surged. The aging global population has led to a growing demand for cosmetics. Although the products consumed in all countries are not the same, the demand for high-quality products is the same, and packaging plays a crucial role in the field of personal care. Packaging is often an important component of a product.

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